The Order of the Prairie Wind (OPW) is an independent order of ordained Soto Zen Buddhist priests founded by Rev. Nonin Chowaney. We are a teaching order, whose chief purpose is to serve the community by transmitting the dharma. We emphasize the continuous daily practice of zazen, devotion, and ritual, for we recognize that through these practices we manifest the identity of practice and realization and internalize the teachings of the sutras. We hold the Sixteen Bodhisattva Precepts as guides for our actions, and we believe in the importance of studying Buddhist texts. We respect and uphold Soto Zen Buddhist tradition and pass it on through dharma transmission.
Below are links to groups affiliated with the Order of the Prairie Wind:

Lincoln Zen Group
A group affiliated with NZC meets in Lincoln weekly on Thursday evenings at 7:00 pm north of Lincoln at Branched Oak Farm, 17015 NW 70th, Raymond, NE 68428. For further information, either e-mail or call Kanho Doug Dittman at (402) 783-2124. Zazen Instruction is available for newcomers if arranged in advance.

White Lotus Sangha
The White Lotus Sangha, a group affiliated with NZC, meets on Friday evenings in four Nebraska prisons, Nebraska State Penitentiary and Lincoln Correctional Center in Lincoln, Tecumseh State Correctional Institute in Tecumseh, and Omaha Correctional Center in Omaha. For further information, see the Religious Coordinator at either of the above institutions, e-mail, call (402) 551-9035, or write Nebraska Zen Center, 3625 Lafayette Ave., Omaha, NE, 68131-1363.

Prairie Wind Online
OPW publishes a quarterly newsletter, Prairie Wind. It contains dharma talks from OPW Priests, events, as well as poetry and other writings from the Buddhist community. Prairie Wind can be found online by clicking here.